Is photovoltaics worthwhile for companies?

Author: Raul Nitu


Hamburg, 28 March 2023 – Photovoltaics is a worthwhile investment for companies. Christoph Glammert, Head of Sales at VODASUN, explains in an interview with WELT and Contentway what companies should look out for.

WELT: Achieving the EU's climate targets will require significantly faster growth in renewable energies in the coming years. What can companies contribute to this?

Glammert: With their company roofs, they offer enormous potential for installing photovoltaic systems. Electricity consumption is particularly high in industry. The more electricity is generated from solar power, the better it is for the environment and, of course, for the company itself.

WELT: When entering the solar power generation market, companies are faced with the question of whether they need to build up their own expertise and internal capacities...

Glammert: VODASUN works as a full-service provider focussing on the development and implementation of photovoltaic systems for the commercial and industrial sector and offers all the necessary services from a single source. This starts with the first on-site consultation and includes not only the planning and installation of the system, including storage and charging infrastructure for e-mobility, but also the necessary application formalities, for example. We also take care of the technical and commercial management. But we also offer lease models and the repair of existing systems.

WELT: Does the company need additional energy management?

Glammert: It makes sense and is often necessary for companies with a PV system to implement an energy management system. This helps to maximise self-consumption of the solar energy generated, save costs and improve the energy efficiency of the entire operation (keyword: peak loads). The exact components and methods depend on the specific requirements of the company. We at Vodasun are happy to be your contact here.

WELT: At the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the demand for PV systems increased dramatically once again. Many customers are currently waiting months for their parts to be delivered....

Glammert: Unfortunately, that is the case in many instances. However, we can supply our customers comparatively quickly because we have experienced project managers and a large team of our own fitters, including master roofers and electricians. We counter the tight supply situation for components with a broad network of international suppliers and two of our own well-stocked warehouse locations.

WELT: Are there currently any relevant state subsidies for PV systems?

Glammert: In principle, financial support is possible nationwide through remuneration in accordance with the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG). KfW also supports private individuals, companies and public institutions by subsidising the purchase of PV systems with the low-interest loan “270 Renewable Energies – Standard”. There are also regional programmes run by the federal states and local authorities. The application for a subsidy for a photovoltaic system should be submitted before the purchase. The purchase agreement may only be finalised after the funding decision has been received.

WELT: What is your vision for VODASUN?

Glammert: In line with our “everything from a single source” philosophy, we will also continue to grow in the area of large self-consumption systems in the commercial sector and provide this segment with customised solutions to help companies achieve their ambitious ESG targets.



The Munich-based VODASUN® Group has been planning, building and operating turnkey photovoltaic systems throughout Germany since 2011. VODASUN has established itself as a leading provider in the industry with its comprehensive range of services, which extends from the installation and commissioning of small systems to the management of complex large-scale systems in the megawatt range. The group of companies offers its customers customised solutions from a single source and attaches great importance to first-class engineering and the use of high-quality components in order to maximise the yield and longevity of the systems.

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