Roof renovation with photovoltaics.

Is your roof in poor condition and are you thinking about a roof renovation? Why not realise the “solar power” project and get a roof renovation! If you decide not to install a PV system, you can still commission VODASUN® to repair your roof – but then at a charge.

Combine roof renovation with photovoltaics: How to save costs

Above all, financial reasons speak in favour of combining a necessary roof renovation with the installation of a solar system. If you first carry out a standard roof renovation and then decide to purchase a solar system your roof will have to be restructured twice, which will increase the costs.

If both projects are carried out together,, the roof is prepared directly for the installation of a photovoltaic system, which costs.. When renovating a roof in conjunction with photovoltaics, you reduce the overall costs of the project – because you are not charged for the renovation, but are billed via the lease payment. Invest together with VODASUN® in cost-effective and emission-free solar energy. Solar power directly from your roof.

Our craftsmen also undertake the renovation of roofs that we do not equip with a solar system.

Questions? Not a problem!

These are your advantages of a roof renovation with a PV system

Maintenance of your property

Professional roof refurbishment eliminates damage and contributes to the maintenance of your building. Thanks to the new roof, your property will also be upgraded.

Removal of harmful materials

The use of asbestos as an insulating material in roofs has been banned since the early 1990s. However, houses that were previously completed or renovated have often been insulated with this unhealthy building material. VODASUN® also renovates roofs with corrugated asbestos and disposes of the material professionally.

Area for solar panels

Area for solar panels: After the successful roof renovation, the area can be used for the installation of a solar system. This means you benefit from emission-free and low-cost electricity. 

Your roof must fulfil these requirements:

We will be happy to clarify the questions of orientation, inclination and minimum size with you personally and consider a customised solar solution for your property.

Your options after the roof renovation

Depending on your individual goals, you have different options for utilising your roof area after the roof renovation.

  • Roof renovation without PV systemVODASUN® offers you a professional renovation of your roof, even without the subsequent installation of a solar system. Talk to us about the costs of this refurbishment option.
  • Energy-as-a-Service: You have decided in favour of a roof renovation including the installation of a PV system and would like to save costs in the long term.? Why not rent out your roof area to VODASUN® and obtain low-cost electricity from your own roof?

Lease a roof area: : The roof area has been renovated, but you do not need the electricity from the installed solar system on site? Lease your roof area to VODASUN®and you will receive regular rental income.

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