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In conversation with Dr Jochen Lorz, HEITEC Innovations GmbH: Behind the scenes of Bavaria's largest rooftop photovoltaic project

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Munich, 16 January 2024 – Raul Nitu, Chief Marketing Officer at VODASUN, had an insightful conversation with a central figure in NürnbergMesse’s groundbreaking photovoltaic project – the construction of the largest rooftop photovoltaic system in Bavaria. In the interview, Dr Lorz, Chief Executive Officer of HEITEC Innovations GmbH, shares exclusive insights into the strategic decisions, the selection process and the successful collaboration with the VODASUN Group.

Pictures document the progress of the photovoltaic project at NürnbergMesse in 2023.


Dr Lorz, thank you very much for taking the time for our interview today. Could you give us an insight into the specific requirements and objectives your company pursued with the photovoltaic project on the NürnbergMesse site?

HEITEC: Dr Jochen Lorz, CEO

Of course, with pleasure. The aim is to realise a CO2-neutral energy supply for NürnbergMesse. The comprehensive covering of the hall roofs with photovoltaic modules is the basic building block for covering the electrical and thermal energy requirements (sector coupling).


Interesting. And how was the selection process for the partner who was to realise this ambitious project? What were the decisive criteria?

HEITEC: Dr Jochen Lorz, CEO

Due to the high public profile of the project, the tendering process was accorded great importance. In the customer’s specifications, the criteria of regionality of the supplier, quality and power density of the modules, evaluation of the construction systems and clear flexibility of the supplier due to hall-specific requirements were demanded.


That sounds like a thorough process. Why did you choose VODASUN as your preferred partner?

HEITEC: Dr Jochen Lorz, CEO

Despite the complexity of the overall project, VODASUN was able to impress us with its high level of technical expertise right from the preliminary discussions. In the commercial award process, we were only on hand to provide advice, but here too VODASUN scored highly thanks to its commercial expertise.


We are pleased to hear that. How did our team respond to the individual requirements and special needs of your company during the project phase?

HEITEC: Dr Jochen Lorz, CEO

Her team was characterised by transparent communication and a high level of commitment to suggestions for improvement, which greatly enriched our daily work together.


And how would you rate the quality of our collaboration throughout the entire project, especially in terms of communication and adherence to deadlines?

HEITEC: Dr Jochen Lorz, CEO

Right from the start, VODASUN impressed us with its clear and excellent communication and working methods. Any changes or adjustments were communicated transparently at all times and the agreed installation deadlines were always met.


Were there any particular challenges during the project and how were they overcome together?

HEITEC: Dr Jochen Lorz, CEO

The greatest challenges were posed by the static load specifications and the fire protection requirements of the existing halls. Furthermore, unrestricted trade fair operations had to be guaranteed at all times. VODASUN impressed us with its constructive solution proposals and flexible working methods, which resulted in a trusting collaboration with our project manager.


To what extent has the successful implementation of the project contributed to supporting your long-term business and sustainability goals?

HEITEC: Dr Jochen Lorz, CEO

Together with the battery storage systems, the installed PV system is the first component of a new type of CO₂-neutral hybrid power plant. This component lays the foundation for the overall success of the large-scale project.


What advice would you give to other companies wishing to tender for similar renewable energy projects?

HEITEC: Dr Jochen Lorz, CEO

Great importance must always be attached to the tendering process and the technical contract award discussions. Only with experienced partners can complex large-scale projects be successfully realised on an existing site. With VODASUN, we have done everything right.


Finally, how do you see the prospects for future co-operation with VODASUN in the field of renewable energies or other projects?

HEITEC: Dr Jochen Lorz, CEO

I consider the prospects for future cooperation to be very good. Reliable partners who deliver high quality within the agreed budget and schedule should be kept warm.


We are delighted to hear that. Dr Lorz, thank you very much for taking the time for this interview!

HEITEC: Dr Jochen Lorz, CEO

With pleasure, Mr Nitu!



The Munich-based VODASUN® Group has been planning, building and operating turnkey photovoltaic systems throughout Germany since 2011. VODASUN has established itself as a leading provider in the industry with its comprehensive range of services, which extends from the installation and commissioning of small systems to the management of complex large-scale systems in the megawatt range. The group of companies offers its customers customised solutions from a single source and attaches great importance to first-class engineering and the use of high-quality components in order to maximise the yield and longevity of the systems.

Über die HEITEC Innovations GmbH

HEITEC Innovations GmbH, based in Erlangen, Mittelfanken, is a company of the HEITEC Group, which has stood for industrial expertise in automation, digitalisation and electronics for over 40 years. The group of companies employs over 1,200 people at numerous locations worldwide.
HEITEC Innovations GmbH was founded in 2005 as the Group’s innovation platform in the fields of electronics, automation and simulation. On 1 January 2020, Dr Jochen Lorz took over the management of the company and focused the business model of HEITEC Innovations GmbH on the development of data-driven simulation models for sustainable energy systems. Today, the simulation library includes a variety of electrical and material models for planning, controlling and optimising hybrid power plants.

“We are an innovative company and our solutions not only protect the climate but also decisively protect our customers’ finances. They can rely on our holistic supply approach of electricity, heating, cooling and hydrogen in industry, mobility, urban districts and also in simulations to optimise the grid infrastructure.”
Further information can be found at: www.heitec-innovations.de

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Raul Nitu
Chief Marketing Officer
E-Mail: presse@vodasun.de
Mobil: +49 (0)160 95266647

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